Why Mobile Library Shiksha Swaraj?

We believe that not only the government, but it's our responsibility as well to work for the marginalized communities of our society. Sub-Himalayan Tribal villages in North Bengal have been facing numerous social challenges and economic issues (domestic violence, poverty, alcoholism, and human trafficking) throughout the years. Solving these problems Mobile Library an action-based concept under the aegis of Live Life Happily is now completing 7 years of journey in Siliguri & North Bengal. And now we have started Mobile Library Shiksha Swaraj movement in each and every village of North Bengal. Under Mobile Library Shiksha Swaraj, we are clubbing all our Education (MobileLibrary), Women Entrepreneurship (Ghorer Lokkhi), and Skill Development (10 takar tuition) initiatives.

Mobile Library Shiksha Swaraj SDG goals
Soothe healthcaree

Live Life Happily is registered under the West Bengal Societies Registration Act, 1961. Registration No. S0004256

Enrolled in NGO-DARPAN (NITI Aayog) Unique Id of VO/NGO WB/2019/0234575


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Causes We Support

Developing Women Entrepreneurs
Developing Women Entrepreneurs
Empowering Women Farmers
Empowering Women Farmers
Improving Rural Education
Improving Rural Education
Employability (Skill Development)
Employability (Skill Development)

Our Message

Our Message

Live Life Happily (Non-Governmental Organization) based in Siliguri is working for rural development. In our organization, we attempt to use technology to bridge rural people and economic development. Hence, we focus on providing better education, increment in SHGs skill development, better agricultural productivity, higher income generation, and improved welfare services to the marginalized community of our society. Additionally, we are exploring target-oriented digital-marketing to provide marketing solutions. We are also conducting self-funded and external funded projects to channelize all the support we gain for the benefits of the rural people.
–Anirban Nandy (Ph.D. IIT Kharagpur)

Recent Media Coverages

Media has provided immense support to live life happily to reach needy and deserving communities and extend our welfare activities

We are promoting women Empowerment through Self Help Groups (SHGs) in rural areas. We are providing improved solutions in terms of capacity development, target marketing in business, and welfare services to boost economy and quality life.

Rural Participation
Rural Participation
Live Life Happily Organization

Live Life Happily Organization


An attempt to use technology to bridge rural people and economic empowerment. Providing good health & education to them so that they too can dream big.
-An IITian initiative