Corporate Partnerships

Different Ways To Partner With LLH Org.

Government Grants-in-aid and Incubation programmes

LLH Org. has the aim to develop entrepreneurs, enhance employability skills, and strengthen technology transfer to promote Atmanirbhar Bharat. Numerous programmes for the welfare and development of women and marginalized communities are implemented by the Central Government and State Government agencies. Non for profit organizations play a significant role in expanding the reach of government programmes and filling the crucial gaps in inclusive development. The quality of services offered by non for profits is vital to attain the ultimate goal of providing sustainable solutions to remote areas. This year, LLH Org. has been selected from all over India as an SCK 2.0 Incubation Centre under Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI). We are determined to channel all the support for the benefit of our people, promoting Self Reliant India.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Adopt a Project

LLH Org. collaborates with the industry on crucial SDGs in the fields of woman entrepreneurial empowerment, education, health, rural development, and waste management. Our initiatives are implemented based on your needs for CSR in terms of geographic region and intervention area. LLH Org. will be in charge of supervising and conducting the programme. The deliverables are attained through guidance, technical know-how, implementation, and impact assessments.

Academic Collaboration

  1. We are targeting collaboration for the entrepreneurial mindset development of students through ideation, mentorship, and business roadmap development.

  2. We are aiming particular research and development initiative through an industry-academia collaborative approach. Extension of research to the field for sustainable solutions.

  3. Independent internships for students majoring in certain fields of study at the undergraduate or graduate levels who are eager to work, learn, and contribute to our rural community-based and involved sustainable development projects by taking part in our:  a) fieldwork internships, b) research Internship programme (conducted in a social laboratory setting under the guidance of a professional researcher)

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